Why ‘Online’ Counselling?

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Why online Counselling

If you need to talk to a counsellor, the chances are that you are experiencing one or more difficulties in your life that you feel is preventing you from feeling fulfilled, happy or content. Online counselling can be your solution.

Online counselling sessions offer many benefits to people which is why online counselling is becoming more popular than traditional counselling!

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No travel time + Expense

You can get this support without leaving the security and comfort of your own home thereby being surrounded by familiar things that bring you comfort.

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Accessible for all

All you need to have is an internet device and a quiet space

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You choose the method

You can choose between video or just audio consultations.

…to name but a few, leaving you to focus entirely on the difficulties that have bought you to seek help.

Some more benefits…

Online counselling is accessible to anyone who has internet access and removes the obstacles for anyone who may have physical limitations by providing a convenient way to obtain support.

Some people who feel anxious in new environments will not have the additional emotional hurdles involved when thinking about travelling to a therapist’s office.

It may be that what you need to talk about is embarrassing or sensitive and you may find it difficult to even admit it to yourself without sitting in a room with another person face to face.

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The advantages in light of the pandemic need no explanation and online counsellors know only too well, even though things are improving with Covid-19, anxiety cant just be turned off like a switch. Online you are able to get the professional help and support you need ’remotely, discretely, confidentially and in the comfort of you own home.

I conduct my sessions remotely using video calls and audio calls.

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My paramount aim is to provide you with an experience where you feel safe to explore your difficulties by offering a service in an ethical, non-judgmental and confidential way.

I have undergone additional training to work in these remote ways which is CPCAB approved.

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You can expect our therapy sessions to show respect, transparency, and adherence to professional ethics and boundaries.

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Licensed  & Accredited Person Centred Experiential Counselling for Depression Evidenced based NICE approved Therapy

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