Email & Live sessions

Therapeutic E-mails

A Therapeutic email (TE) is different from emails that are enquiring about information or to book a session, which are never be charged for.

TE’s are a written description of the issue that has prompted you to seek support from counselling. This option may, for example, may suit someone who finds it difficult to find a regular time available in advance (such as shift workers) and you have the freedom to pick up my response to your TE at a time when it suits you (even the middle of the night)!

My reply will be sent to you at a scheduled time agreed between us both (e.g. every Thursday), but you choose when you have the time to read and digest this.

This is written out as a document (for example ‘Word’ for windows) and sent to you as an attachment so that you can…

…Take your time (hours or days) to put into words what you are experiencing that you would like help with;

… Ensure that what you write remains confidential by using a password protect facility (how to do this will be fully explained to you should you choose this communication method);

My response will come to you as an attachment in email (password protected) to;

…Maintain your privacy and read your TE at your convenience (this sensitive information will not be visible to others who may be near your device, and you can read it when you are ready.

More details will be on our written contract for counselling, which will be provided should you wish to proceed.

Live sessions

Live sessions are, Telephone, Audio only, Video or live Chat/Messenger as all these methods are in real-time and booked with me in advance.

The most popular method of online sessions are Videocalls and telephone sessions.

Videocalls can be undertaken by a PC, tablet or smartphone, internet access is essential, and in this age of technology, if you have a laptop but your internet is ‘down’, you can use the ‘hotspot’ from any smartphone with internet access.

These are all things that we can discuss once you have decided you would like to book an appointment. I will be very happy to talk through or email (whichever is best for you) what technology you have available and how we can work with this, so if you are uncertain if you have access to the right technology, please do feel free to make contact so together we can be sure you have the ‘tech side’ of things in place.

Following your initial enquiry, you may wish to have a combination of email and live sessions, which again, can be arranged between us.